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POS (Point of Sale) Software

For Pharmacies, Retail & Restaurants

Sell products in-store & on the go using any device, for any outlet and anywhere. Use the power of the cloud point of sale software to manage sales, inventory and everything between.

Restaurant Point of Sale: RESTPOS

RestPOS is a web-based restaurant Point of Sale Software with Smart Inventory and Multiple Outlets. It has all the features required for hotels and restaurants to function seamlessly. Geared up to meet the demands of running a modern Hotel, Restaurant, and bar.

RestPOS works on the network hence multiple users are able to use it simultaneously. It is therefore, a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management.


  • Recipe Management
  • Inventory Auto Deduction on Sale
  • Running Orders list in POS
  • Hold an ongoing sale
  • Send only new items to Kitchen
  • Order Progress check
  • Ready Order Notification
  • Dine In, Take Away, Delivery
  • Kitchen, Bar, Waiter Panel
  • Multiple outlets
  • Waste Tracking
  • Item Modifier with Price
  • Powerful Table Management
  • Vegeterian/Beverage Item Filtering
  • Attendance Facility
  • Expense Tracking
  • User Acess Control
  • Register Facility
  • Ingredient Consumption Report
  • Ingredient Inventory management
  • Tax
  • Kitchen Performance Report

Inventory Alert

Inventory alert you when any ingredient crosses the stock Level. It also supports precision value for ingredients measurements. Whatever the quantity or amount is, you get the exact value.

Multiple Stores

Create unlimited stores.
RestPOS POS software however, maintains separate accounts for each store hence all operations are separated from store to store.

Profit & Loss Analysis

Considering all operations including Purchase, Sale, Expense, Loss on Waste, Due and everything, RestPOS will provide you whether you are in Profit or Loss hence help you to make your business decision.

Point of Sale

RestPOS has a powerful POS Screen that does not reload in any operation. It helps you to sale very fast. Many tuning methods are applied so that you can make faster sales

Cloud POS

RestPOS is a cloud POS software. This, therefore, means that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Manage multiple VATS, set different VAT for different items, avoid if an item does not have VAT. POS VAT report will allow you to calculate your collected VAT for a duration

Table Management

You can have unlimited table with its position and capacity. When making a sell, invoice and KOT will contain your selected table details.

Supplier Due Payment

Sometimes you buy from your supplier in due and make payment to them later? Supplier Due Payment will allow you to keep record of those payment. And you can check all of your remaining due in just a second.

15+ Reports

RestPOS is not for keeping record. However, you need several reports to make your business decision. This POS software has 15+ reports that will help you to oversee your business time to time.

Waste Tracking & Loss Calculation

Waste of ingredient or food menu in a restaurant is a common matter. You can not only track the waste, the Loss for that waste will also be auto calculated.

Device Responsive

RestPOS is a very device responsive point of sale system. It is therefore accessible via any device ranging from smartphones to desktop computers.

Retail Point of Sale: QUICKPOS

Quickpos is a retail management point of sale system for small to mid-sized businesses. It also offers inventory management, customer management, and retail accounting. Get insights into who your best customers are and what you can do to engage them.

Sell products in store & on the go using any device, for any outlet and anywhere. Use the power of the cloud point of sale to manage sales, inventory and everything between.


Inventory Management

Control stock by categorizing and tracking items. This ensures increased productivity and sales hence reducing the administration burden.

Sales Management

The POS software terminal will run a tab, receipt cash sales, or send transactions to the Point of Sale for consolidated invoicing.

Reports & Analysis

Get daily sales reports and journals. POS reports identify sales trends, cash point performance hence reflect cost versus sales price.

Inventory & Price Lookup

Look up an item’s availability and/or price in all available stores in or in the connected E.R.P solution

Discount Management

Trigger discounts manually or automatically. These are then applied to a single item or to the total sale. Clear discounts with the click of a button.

Barcode Scanning

Configure bar codes to scan and identify items and customer details. They can also trigger a gift card or a credit memo

Transaction on Hold

Allow the till user to save or hold a current customer’s transaction. This allows them to return or pick up more items as the cashier serves a waiting customer.

Loyalty Card

Cashiers can issue loyalty cards and assign a transaction to the customer’s loyalty card. Thereafter they can use the loyalty points as a form of payment for transactions.

Employee Reporting

Who are your top-performing associates? Is there anyone who needs to improve? Are you setting the right sales targets?

Multiple Tender Types

Our POS software offers you flexible payment methods. During the checkout process, the customer can pay in Cash, Cheque, Mobile Money e.t.c.

Cash Management

Manage float entries, safe drops, bank drops, tender removal. These can all be in defined currencies and denominations.

Customer Reports

Get insights into who your best customers are and what you can do to engage them.

Pharmacy Point of Sale : PHARMPOS

PharmPOS is a comprehensive pharmacy software that caters to all the day to day undertakings of small, as well as, big-scale pharmacies. It comes with modules that help in the prescription filling, accounts, workflow management, IV processing, compounding and all other activities that are required for your drug store.

It improves the forefront of your entire pharmacy/chemist shop and simplifies your daily operations. PharmPOS possesses superior functionality and scalable design that makes your workflow faster and easier.

It has been intelligently engineered to cater to the needs of numerous pharmacies. With a variety of interactive features, it effortlessly eliminates the errors and makes the check out process flexible and secure.


Drug Management

  • Drug Inventory Management: Tracks the quantity, availability, and movement of drugs and controlled substances that are sold.
  • Prescription Scanning: Creates barcodes and labels for prescriptions, and scans prescriptions upon pickup.

Patient Profile

With PharmPOS’ comprehensive patient profile, you will no longer have to wonder who’s who. Your staff will be able to refill, edit, transfer, and verify prescriptions directly from the patient’s profile.


Moreover, prescriptions that have expired or are due for a refill will be highly visible in the system, alerting both the pharmacist and tech. This interactive tool will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Automatic Synchronization

With this module, you are able to ensure that your patient’s medication is filled at the same time of the month. This will promote medication adherence and in turn, keep your customers satisfied..

Inventory Management

This POS feature ensures efficient management of pharmacy inventory and minimize out-of-stock items,.

One of the most time inefficient activities of any business, PharmPOS makes it easier to manage inventory which allows you to focus on what really matters: the customers.


Get a handle on your front end and backend inventory. Manage inventory, place electronic orders with wholesalers, and print shelf barcodes.


Reporting engine for monitoring financial and key performance indicators.

Drug Management & Pricing

Industry-leading drug database including visual drug verifications to minimize dispensing errors.

Easily manage drug files and pricing across your stores with PharmPOS centralized drug and pricing tools. In addition to managing existing drugs, new drugs can be added from the main office and pushed down to all or specific stores.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode driven workflow tools to manage volumes of drug dispensing and promote safety at every step of the dispensing process

Auto Refill

Auto refill feature automatically submits a patient’s next refill based on configurable parameters, and can even queue up prescriptions that have no refills for easy viewing and sending out for refill authorization

User & Security Management

Centrally manage your users and security privileges. Add new users to your organization and assign security roles for specific stores. Single sign-on allows your employees to use the same username and login at each store where they are authorized.

Capture Signatures

Electronically capture signatures for third party audits, pharmacist counseling, credit cards, and even custom restrictions. Drive through and delivery signatures can also be captured with ease.

Payment Types

PharmPOS point of sale software is ready for today’s many payment methods processing. It enables your pharmacy to accept credit cards, mobile money, and any other acceptable payment methods.


POS System
Retail stores, chemists, hardware stores, supermarkets


Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bars


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