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  • Project Management
  • Timesheets
  • Expense Management
  • Customizable Reports
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Forecasting
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Invoicing module
  • Task Management
  • Documents Management
  • Leave Management
  • Clients management
  • Resource management

Teamkazi is the ultimate Resource and Project Manager


It is the best way to manage your projects, clients and team members. You can easily collaborate with your team and monitor your work. It is, therefore, the resource management system that oversees the process of managing company projects through its lifecycle. This involves planning, estimation, and scheduling of the project as well as the ability to track dependencies and milestones.

Resource Management (Teamkazi) Features

Project Management

Manage all your projects using some amazing tools.

  • Create tasks in projects and assign your team members on the tasks.
  • Create a milestone to estimate the time frame.
  • Upload files by dragging and dropping in projects and discuss with your team.
  • Let your team members comment on tasks and get notifications for important events.
  • See activity logs for projects.

Client Management

It’s very simple to add your clients in Teamkazi.

  • Get the detail information about contacts, projects, invoices, payments, estimates, tickets and notes of each client.
  • You can allow your clients to use the client portal. Each client will get the separate dashboard to see their projects. Let your clients to create tasks for the projects and get feedback instantly.

Resource Management

Manage your team attendance and timesheet.

  • Assign tasks to your team members and monitor the status easily.
  • You can set different permissions on their access.
  • Easily manage the leave applications.
  • Assign tasks, send messages, share ideas, send announcements, etc.


Teamkazi makes invoice manage management and online payments much effortless. Send invoices to your clients and get paid online.Send invoices to your clients by email with a PDF copy of the invoice.

Online Payments

A client can pay invoices using select online payment methods. You can add the payments manually if you don’t want to use online payments.

Expense management

Track all your expenses and get information about your project cost easily. Register your expenses and see the monthly/yearly reports and chart. Compare income and expenses.


Get estimate requests from your clients. Observe the requests and send an estimate. The client can accept or reject that.

  • Create some estimate request forms according to your needs and let your client request for estimates.
  • Review the estimate requests and submit your estimates to the clients.


Send private messages to team members and clients. Send messages to your clients and team members. Set permissions who can communicate with clients.

  • Private notes: Store your private notes and access easily.
  • Announcements: Publish announcements/notice to your team members and clients.

Support Tickets

Let your clients create support tickets and get notification by web and emails.

  • Assign team members to tickets and track the status.
  • A client can submit support tickets from the client portal.
  • Get email notifications for the tickets.

Events Calendar

Create your personal events list and share events with team members.


Log time cards of your team members. Set restrictions for time card access.


Share ideas and documents easily with your team members.

Task management

Add tasks and in projects and assign them to your team members. See project progress automatically based on the completed tasks.

Leave Management

Team members can apply for leave. Track the leave applications and approve/reject them effortlessly.

Private to-do

Do you want to manage your daily works more efficiently? To-do list will help you to do that.

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